Rethinking digital advertising

We develop tools for digital advertising based on the application of quantitative modelling and data analytics

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One platform fits all

Designed to automatically structure ads to run on multiple formats.

  1. a person

    Meet Jeremy

    Jeremy doesn’t know about Jeremy has a gift store and he wants to increase his sales.

  2. laptop and money

    He decides to advertise online

  3. multiple browser windows

    Chooses the channel, i.e. twitter

  4. computer and spreadsheet

    Sets the budget

  5. computer, creative piece and price charts

    Defines the type of the campaign: CPC or CPM

  6. location mark

    Sets a location and radius

  7. keywords

    Chooses the right keywords

  8. tools and cogs

    Keeps configuring

    After all these steps, Jeremy has to write the text of the campaign, upload an image or video, set what time it's going to appear... etc.

  9. Jeremy chooses another channel, starts all over again

  1. a person

    Meet Sharon

    Sharon knows about She is a photographer and wants to promote her services online.

  2. website on multiple devices

    Logs into

  3. laptop, camera and photos

    Inputs online presence

    Doesn’t need to be a website, it can be a Facebook Page, Google My Business, etc.

  4. computer and spreadsheet

    Sets the budget defining her goal

  5. box of magical items on a cloud automatically...

    • scans online presence
    • creates the ad formats
    • generates the ad choosing the best channel at the right time and the best format
  6. Sharon receives daily reports and enjoys the results


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