4 channels you should use to reach your customer

Digital marketing allows you to reach your customer in a various range of ways.

1. Social Media Marketing

The process of creating content and making use of social networks to share the content in order to promote a specific product or service.

It’s key to adapt to the social network because different social networks have different uses.

2. Ad placement in search engines is another way of promoting your business. The main advantage of doing it is that the content is suited to the reader. In this way of advertising, the person who is going to see the ad was searching for something similar. It’s by far a hotter lead than social, and when done right is definitely closer to the conversion.

3. Email marketing is a pretty intuitive concept. It is the process of sending an e-mail to a potential customer with the intention of promoting a specific product or service. It’s an efficient way to reach your customers but it’s not easy to do it because people receive thousands of emails and the majority of them ends up in spam mailboxes and are not even read. Email marketing can and should be shaped to the potential customer to achieve better results. A good usage of email marketing is a second step of the campaign, taking advantage of a previously generated database.

4. Writing posts in Blogs allows you to educate your customers, help them understand the importance of your product. The posts should have content which is related to your product, for instance, a couple of problems that your product/service intends to solve, a necessity that it satisfies.

The disadvantage of using this kind of platform is the big amount of content necessary to maintain the level of service provided. There’s a recurrent need for subjects to write about.

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