5 ways to optimize time in digital marketing

January 17, 2018

Learning how to organize your tasks with some simple routines it’s extremely useful to save time.

Good time management allows you to focus on multiple activities which also need to be done and sometimes are left behind when you are in a hurry such as properly reviewing all your work.

There are some easy things that you can do in order to have more available time:

1) Plan in advance

Efficiently planning and scheduling it’s the most critical way to optimize the time you have.

Designing a calendar for social media posts, content production or event’s attendance it’s a great practice in order to always have some work done in advance, which will help you post in a regular way and maintain the engagement with your audience.

2) Use the right tools

Another extremely useful tool that should be used is software to manage campaigns.

If a specific campaign is scheduled you don’t have to worry about it during a period of time. This works not only for PPC campaigns but also for email marketing and social media posts. There are multiple platforms which allow you to schedule your content and measure results and campaign performance.

3) Measure

Carefully control the results you obtain with different campaigns. Don’t just go about creating campaigns or posts randomly without looking at their performance. Measuring results is extremely useful to guarantee that your efforts are generating the proper returns.

There are some simple tasks you may do to measure results of your social media posts, for example:

There are some days of the week which are better to post on social media than others. It depends on the social network you use, your audience or the kind of post.

Each business has their “optimal hours”. Try different options to see which fits you.

Providing information to your audience with content such as blog posts or papers is useful, but why not try different approaches and measure the results?

People like to watch videos, see infographics and images as well. Photos of your team, activities that you do together or events which you attend are some of the examples that are proven to boost the engagement.

4) Study your competition

Compare yourself with the right companies. If you work on a recently created startup don’t compare your performance and results with a huge company with a big marketing budget.

Big companies are amazing models to use when studying possible kinds of posts, ad copy or even time of the day to post. Big teams working in marketing and conducting many studies to optimize the way they do things are the main reasons why you should take advantage of these insights.

Studying your competition may save you a lot of time and also resources.

5) Stay up to date

Having simple routines such as reading the daily news have a great impact on the way you perform as a marketer. People like to read posts about important content which matters to them.

This truly optimizes the creative process and consequently the time you take thinking about new content to produce. Other blogs and social media feeds are other good sources of possible content to work on as well.

These are just a couple of tips to help you optimize your time, there are many other ways. Keep in mind that everyone has different ways of saving time, there’s not an unique way to do it and trying different processes it’s a good practice in order to find the best fit for you.

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