How does Social Media affect SEO?

November 21, 2017

It’s impossible to know Google’s algorithm but by case studying we’re able to understand the implications of the social media presence in web search ranks.

According to Searchmetrics, the websites which are higher in Google’s rankings have more social media presence than other web pages which doesn’t mean that one causes the other or vice-versa but it is a useful piece of information to start from.

There are few topics to have in mind which help when correlating social media and SEO:

Content is really important for SEO rankings. If a blog has really interesting content, the readers will take their time exploring it.

When people are searching for a topic and spend time on a specific website, it means they found something that they were looking for. Consequently, that website is relevant and will escalate in web search rankings.

If people spend less than 10 seconds in a web page instead, when searching for something, it means that the content found was not relevant.

When a specific URL is provided, the process of web crawling will search the web for links related to the original webpage. Having multiple social networks allows search engines to crawl more pages and discover more information about a specific product or service.

This is useful because companies share different information in multiple channels and that information altogether provides a more in-depth profile of a specific company.

Having a website, a blog and different social media accounts may seem difficult to manage but it helps your online presence in a remarkable way.

It’s not the simple process of creating a page in a social network that will do the trick, it doesn’t mean anything without the so-called social signs such as likes, shares or retweets. These signs will generate links to your website and consequently awareness.

Multiple social networks’ presence also allows you to target multiple groups.

Social media is used as a search engine too. Keep in mind that a lot of people do use social media as a search engine for particular things so there’s a need to optimize your posts, for example using hashtags or location information.

There are pieces of information that some people prefer to search on social media than on search engines such as companies, influencers or actual topics. Social media is also a great way to verify if a service or product is reliable by reading prior users’ feedback.

Maybe with time, the different search engines will use social signs as a ranking factor but today we know that even if there’s not a direct relationship between web search ranks and social media both are important to enhance your digital presence.

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