How should you take advantage of the mobile opportunity?

January 10, 2018

New generations - Generation Z and Millennials - use mobile phones more than ever before, not only for social media interactions but also for activities such as shopping, chatting, researching. This creates the need to optimize contents for mobile usage and mobile display.

Some features used to reach the desired customers are only mobile available or easier to perform using a mobile device. Not including this features in a marketing strategy means getting caught behind and not taking full advantage of the available technology.

One of the most significant and engaging features available in a smartphone is the possibility to record live video and directly feature it on social media feed.

Live video is usually highlighted in a social network’s feed generating awareness. This prime mean of engagement is highly valued by the customers. Live streaming creates an implicit trust, inviting your audience to see things as they are, without any post-production.

Mobile users have their location active on multiple apps at the same time, most of the times. This creates outstanding opportunities for marketers to promote local businesses in an efficient way.

As mentioned before, location services allow better ad customization and interaction with possible customers who are nearby. People who see an ad for something which is close to them are more likely to take action.

This is not a recent concept at all but it’s being improved every day. Voice search results already show video and search engine results with the most recent improvements.

There are some familiar voice assistants and new ones emerging. One may only expect the number to rise in the future, allowing this kind of search to become more and more popular.

Optimizing your content for voice search assistants means that you have to know what people search using this feature and when they use it. According to higher visibility, people use this kind of search especially when they are driving or performing other activities.

The most used queries include tasks such as setting alarms or playing music. The list also includes tasks such as finding a local business or asking for directions to a nearby store, which should be the focus for marketers.

The increasing use of mobile devices for multiple tasks represents a great opportunity for marketers. Mobile users provide a lot of data such as their location or the apps they use, allowing marketers to understand them better and launching campaigns which are fit to their needs.

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