Instagram marketing — the features you should be using

May 24, 2018

Day after day Instagram is reaching higher ad spend values, overtaking big players, above all due to small companies’ launching new products, as well as the growing number of users on this social network.

It is important when creating Instagram ads not to focus too much on PPC, so missing some important features that may help their overall performance. Using voting polls, hashtags or location services may help to boost the campaign in a big way, even when working with paid advertising.

A business profile allows you to collect data as well as create ads directly on Instagram. These two features greatly improve the experience of advertising on this social network, simplifying the process and providing outstanding opportunities to many companies.

Business profiles also allow the page manager to use some simple call-to-action buttons such as “Call”, “Email”, “Directions” or even more complex ones such as “Reserve” which lets the user book a restaurant table, for example.

Hashtags are a simple tool to target users according to their interests. Marketers can easily browse trending hashtags and use them in posts or stories.

Companies use some hashtags associated with their brands or with a specific community they want to target. For example, a company that sells vegetarian products may use specific hashtags such as #myveggieburger that are directly related with their business, or else #veggie #veggieburger #veggieworld, which are broader categories associated with communities.

This tool is very useful to create and monitor small groups to do with a brand as well as studying their behaviours.

Lately we have witnessed a tendency by users to view their stories instead of checking all the photos on their social feed, perhaps because it is easier and less time consuming, especially when they follow many different pages.

This increases the importance of good content in Instagram stories, with good-quality photos and engaging messages

The various changes and updates to the app’s features take place with a focus on the way stories are presented, with live video, votes, gifs, etc…

Fixed stories work more or less as photos do, to be displayed at the beginning of your profile, but are in line with the increased focus on stories.

In using the feature, a company may show a little bit of its day-to-day work, selecting the best moments previously captured and pinning them at the top of the profile so that these photos or videos are always displayed to its followers.

Instagram has launched a feature allowing users to vote on their favourite option and a barometer where they can rate photos or answer a question on a user’s story.

This creates greater engagement as the users really are part of a global voting process started by big brands and profiles. One of the most famous recent polls is the ‘Yanny/Laurel’’ one, which attracted attention around the world with a simple vote.

People often use location when searching for something, especially for services in a specific city.

Using location on Instagram posts makes it possible to target new users based on where they currently are. Providing location information for a specific business also allows the user to request directions.

New features are released frequently, making it mandatory to keep in touch with the updates. It is also extremely important to keep these features in mind when managing an Instagram account for a company so as to achieve the best results.

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