Lisbon, why Lisbon?

January 31, 2018

Articles are being written regularly in different media channels such as The Independent or TechCo about Lisbon and the fact that it’s an amazing city to live as well as full of opportunities for Startups.


There are countless reasons that make Lisbon a great city to start your own business while enjoying your life. We’ve decided to select a few.

Business opportunities

Events are being held in Lisbon, especially tech related ones such as the famous Web Summit, bringing a lot of investors, companies, and attention to Portugal and Lisbon. The number of opportunities and jobs has been raising as Startups and big companies decide to move to Lisbon.

Startup incubators such as Bright Pixel are spread around the city helping the recently created companies prosper in the market.


Lisbon is clearly cheaper than other European capitals. Even with the prices going up, you pay almost half than in London for a flat. Food is amazing and cheap as well, public transportation is ok and cheap. Overall, it’s perfect for a Startup to reduce its costs in the initial part of the process.


One of the key reasons why Lisbon is really “in” is the climate. The weather in the summer is amazing with a lot of different beaches, bars and cafes nearby to enjoy the sun. Even in the winter, it’s never too cold to go to work early in the morning.

With the beach less than half an hour from the city center, a lot of students and workers go surfing, bodyboarding and practicing other sports before going to university or work, which is something that really enhances life quality.


There are a lot of different things to do when you leave work or when the weekend arrives. If you are next to Chiado or Cais do Sodré for example, you can listen to music on the street, try amazing restaurants, have a glass of outstanding Portuguese wine with your friends, and engage in a wide range of activities. The action never ceases and there’s always movement on the street every hour of the day.


The city has unmatched beauty. With a lot of different cafes with a view and places to get delighted with what you see there are always new spots to see and discover.

There’s a lot of tradition in between the streets and most of it is not easy to miss such as the maritime roots of Lisbon’s inhabitants spread all over the city.

Even though this seems amazing, not everything is perfect especially for the locals who lived there for years. A big number of typical houses are now turned into hostels, some of the calm streets are not calm anymore and some traditions are lost. Nevertheless, there has been an effort to preserve the identity of the city and to keep the prices from exponentially increasing.

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