On which networks should you advertise?

October 29, 2019

One of the most common mistakes people make when they start advertising online is to try to be on every social network that ever existed, or on those ones they prefer, rather than analysing where their audience is and spends most time.

Either way, this has a huge impact on the results you’ll get, so it’s really crucial that you analyse where it makes sense to be placing ads. To help you do this, here are a few guidelines about some of the most-used advertising networks:


Facebook has undergone some changes over the last few years. While it was once the preferred social platform for almost everyone, nowadays younger users spend very little time on it as it is seen as their parents’ social network. That said, Facebook is still the social platform with the most users, which means that there’s a greater chance that your target group does use it.

What this means is that when thinking about advertising on Facebook, you should have your audience in mind and, if you are addressing younger people, don’t expect great results. However, if you are trying to reach adults, then this may be the perfect social network to advertise on. If you decide to go for Facebook, then you should create your business page and set up a business account for your brand where you can then analyse how your ads are doing and improve your campaigns based on that.


To find out whether it makes sense to advertise on Instagram you should first think about your products and services as well as your audience: their age, interests and habits and whether they use this particular platform.

Once you have decided this is a good idea, you should start by creating a business profile, as this allows you to collect data and create ads directly on Instagram. These two features improve the experience of advertising on this social network by simplifying the process and providing a better opportunity to attain your goals. Business profiles also allow the page manager to use simple call-to-action buttons, such as “Call”, “Email”, “Directions” or more complex ones such as “Reserve”, which lets the user book a restaurant table, for example.

When it comes to building your ads, using polls, hashtags or location services can help you boost the campaign in a big way. As for hashtags, these are a simple tool to target users according to their interests; you can easily browse trending hashtags and use them in posts or stories. At the same time, companies often use particular hashtags associated with their brands or with a specific community that they want to target, so that is another thing to remember in tackling this task.


LinkedIn is quite different from other social networks, which means when creating content for this platform you should avoid funny GIFs or memes, as this is a more professional network. That does not mean you should completely change your brand’s personality and tone of voice but rather that you should not post everything that you post on other networks and that you should adapt your ads accordingly. For example, LinkedIn is a great way to share your company’s job openings, as well as its achievements, product details and blog posts.


Twitter is widely used in the US, UK, Brazil and many other countries, but in Portugal people do not use it very much, so you should take that into consideration. If you are tackling international markets you should probably have a Twitter account, so here are a few things to keep in mind when using it.

Twitter limits tweets to relatively few characters so you must be very concise and clear with your message. At the same time, this is a very fast-paced network, so you should plan for around five posts per day if you want your message to show up on your followers’ feeds. Lastly, Twitter is probably the only social network where visual images do not count for so much, so if you just want to write copy and not add any visual asset, Twitter is the right place to do it.


Google is the most-used search engine in the world, which makes it a big player when it comes to online advertising. This means that if you want to spread the word about your business and for it to show up among the top results when people search for something related with your category, then you should definitely consider creating ads on Google.

When advertising on Google you should also remember that you do not have a lot of space, so you should think about the message you want to get across and make it as precise as possible. Also, you should not try just one piece of ad copy but a few different ones, to understand which attracts your potential customers most.


Although not as popular as Google, Bing is a search engine that is widely used across the globe, which means that if you are thinking about advertising on search engine platforms, you should take a look at it, too.

Bing is somewhat less expensive than Google, so if you do not have that big of a budget, you could start with Bing to see if it is worth the money and then spread your ads over a couple more platforms.

Lastly, there are not so many brands advertising on Bing as on Google, for example, so if you know your audience’s online habits, then it may be useful to advertise on Bing, as you will have less competition and greater chances of your ad showing up among top results.

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