The Content Era

June 21, 2019

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Ever since I started work five years ago, everyone asks me what I do. They know that I studied marketing and advertising, but when I tell them that I’m in charge of a company’s content strategy that baffles them.

What exactly is my job and does it involve enough work to merit a position? The simple answer is: my job is making sure we communicate advertio’s personality while creating engaging content (from blog posts and social media to our website) in a cohesive manner that speaks to our users. And yes, it is more than enough work for a job position.

At the end of the day, a Content Strategist is in charge of making sure that a brand communicates its values and keeps its customers or users engaged in what it does. At advertio, I want to make sure our potential users know that we care about each of them, and that is what I am trying to achieve every day. With that in mind, I spend my days researching topics that may interest our users so that I can write about them on this blog, as well as creating social media posts that will not only show who we are, but also that are meaningful and of interest to our users.

While it may be surprising to some that a company is willing to pay someone just to write and create a strategy just for content, the truth is that many big and small companies have already realised the benefits of creating original content. If you look at some of the best-known companies around the world, chances are that they have their own blog or a killer newsletter that shares original content with users. Why? Because in the digital era people are always searching for more information and to discover new trends.

When I finished high school, the truth is I had no idea of what I wanted to do. I knew I had to go to university to study something but I was never the kind of person who always knew what they wanted to be when they grew up. I knew I enjoyed writing but journalism did not appeal to me and, at the same time, I was always a creative person but I didn’t know how to turn my creativity into a paying job.

After doing some research, I discovered a good degree in marketing in Lisbon that combined creativity and management, so I bet all my chips on it. While still studying, I decided I wanted to pursue a career in Content Marketing and that’s what led me here. I later came to realise that not that many people love writing and despite marketing being a very popular degree these days, most people prefer the more analytical part rather than the writing one.

The thing is, contrary to popular belief, content writing does not have to be boring. I could write 50 ‘About’ pages for advertio and still be able to change a few things and come up with different ideas. Also, the fact that certain social media networks only allow for a certain number of characters in ads actually stimulates creativity. It is easy to be creative when you can write about anything and at any length, but it is when you have to come up with ways of conveying a message in just a few words that creativity really has to kick in.

Content making is on the rise and takes a never-ending range of possible forms, so I look forward to seeing where this job will lead me and what types of content have yet to be discovered. For now, I will get back to work writing my social media posts, meaningful blog posts and informative pages for our website, and coming up with new video ideas for advertio.

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