The importance of Beta testing

August 8, 2018

The process of Beta testing is extremely valuable when preparing for a product launch as it helps to assure the necessary quality when you release the first version of the product.

As mentioned in a previous post, the launch of a product or service is one of the most important moments in a company’s life cycle, making it essential to conduct many different tests before going ahead.

Who to choose as Beta tester?

It is very important to select with great care the people who are going to use the platform before it is launched.

The set of users who are going to test it should have different characteristics and backgrounds to guarantee consistent results. Try to choose users who you know are going to be comprehensive and will help improve the product/service by pointing out the problems found.

Preferred experimenters include people with experience in the business in question, especially if they have tested other platforms before, who you know will give you honest feedback and, most important of all, people who will use your platform in the future (members of your target audience)

Exactly as with a survey, the individuals you select will greatly influence the results obtained, making it important to choose them wisely. Do not just use a couple of acquaintances who have seen the platform many times before, because they will most likely have positive impressions and give only good feedback.

Where to find Beta testers?

There are many different websites where you can register your platform to find Beta testers; this is probably the easiest way to do it, although perhaps not the most reliable option.

One of the most effective ways to get users to Beta test the platform is by allowing someone who has already shown interest in your product by visiting your website to register for access.

Quality and usability

Beta testing, when done properly, will improve the overall quality of the product by helping you find and remove bugs and upgrade the platform’s usability.

To help you understand what the best solutions are to be presented to the user, you can also implement A/B testing with Beta testers to determine which options are most user friendly, polishing the product for launch.

Measure and reward

It is important to carefully measure and analyse the results obtained so as to make improvements; do not ask 500 people to test the platform if you are not going to look at all the results and improvement tips.

Rewarding the users with coupons and discounts on the platform is a great way to convert Beta testers into real future customers.

Many things will go wrong and many problems emerge when you are developing a platform, that is for sure. Beta testing allows a team to change some details while it is still easy to do so, when large numbers of users are not already relying on the product.

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