The role of AI in Digital Marketing

January 3, 2018

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing many things, one of them is the world of digital marketing as we know it. The best solution is to understand the resource and take advantage of it, instead of rowing against the tide.

To begin 2018 in an amazing way we are going to help you understand the role of AI in digital marketing.

There are endless possibilities while using machine learning and AI to enhance your marketing strategies but we’ve decided to select a few which we consider being the most important.

A few years ago we didn’t believe that some things we see today would be possible and a lot of these things relate to the evolution of the technologies available. For example, VR (Virtual Reality) is said to be the future of shopping. Robots to help you choose your products or floating information in your VR glasses when touching a product are some of the possibilities allowed by artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

Applied to marketing, customer experience may be extremely improved by the use of chatbots, for example. When well programmed and after an accurate process of machine learning, chatbots interact with the customer in a fast but personal way. Some chatbots are so well programmed that the clients actually think they are interacting with a real person. Keep in mind that your customers don’t want to search your entire FAQ’s to have their questions answered.

This kind of solution allows managers to hire less human resources and consequently reduce expenses.

New technologies in the area of machine learning and big data allow for marketers to collect a big volume of data and interpret it in order to create an effective marketing program. With accurate data systems in place, you can easily generate automatic leads on how to target the desired groups.

Despite acting upon Big Data, ads will be targeted to really small groups of people with the same interests, who were in a specific place or bought a similar product thus, almost paradoxically, big data gives us the tools for better customization.

With the most recent technologies, one of the main areas of impact is photo recognition. This allows companies to identify their products on photos and gather more information on their users. Using social media photos helps you understand who uses your product, when and where they do it.

A company which sells headphones may use photo recognition to perceive that the people who use their product have a certain way to behave and are associated with a lifestyle, usually use the headphones while running, for example.

This piece of data allows you to create behavior patterns and consequently easily target a specific group.

Nowadays, the various search engines use different search engine ranking systems in order to rank the websites so that you find what you are looking for when searching the web.

Ranking factors are expected to change with machine learning, some search engines already have machine learning systems processing search queries. SEO will be extremely hard to perform as the algorithms will be constantly evolving to rank websites in the most equal and balanced way.

Artificial intelligence will provide a great competitive advantage to companies which decide to take time and learn the different processes involved. There are still a lot of opportunities to take advantage of and information to use in order to start implementing this strategy in your business. What are you waiting for?

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