Understanding the different generations

August 19, 2019

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Earlier this week we shared a post on our social media on how Generation X spends more time on their smartphones than Millennials, which may be a surprise for many people. That is to say that people aged between 38 and 53 are spending more hours on their phones than those aged between 22 and 37.

While this is not a major difference (two more hours per week), it goes to show you that if you have a business whose target audience is Generation X, you should definitely consider this habit when trying to reach them. With that in mind, I thought it could be useful to list a few tips on how to create content and communicate with the different generations.

#1 Baby Boomers

(people aged between 54 and 72)

This is the least technological of the generation we are considering, as these people did not up with technology and actually lived most of their life without using it. Depending on their age, they know how to work a computer and certainly own a smartphone, but technology is not a big concern for them as they just use it as a means to an end and is not a part of their lives.

That being said, although they may not spend that much time on their smartphones, in today’s world more or less everyone is online so here are a few things to consider if you are targeting Baby boomers:

To sum up, although Baby Boomers are not the most tech-savvy generation, they are still pretty familiar with social media and online content, so you should definitely create an online strategy if this is your target audience.

#2 Generation X

(people aged between 38 and 53)

Generation X didn’t grow up with that much technology either, but they have been more open minded when it comes to adopting gadgets and new forms of technology. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that they actually spend so much time on their smartphones.

Having said that, here are some other statistics that can help you create a better communication strategy:

#3 Millennials

(people aged between 22 to 37)

As a Millennial myself, I can easily say that this generation is very tech savvy and uses technology in almost all aspects of their lives. As the generation who grew up in the technological era, we’re used to being online at all times, but still remember the days when we had to disconnect the telephone wire to get internet connection.

Are you targeting Millennials? Then here are a few things to consider:

#4 Generation Z

(people aged up to 21)

This is the true online generation as they have never known anything different. They were born into a technological society and smartphones and computers are part of their everyday life for as long as they can remember. They are very comfortable using almost any type of device and use it in every aspect of their day.

If you are targeting a younger audience, here’s what you should know:

To sum up: no matter who you are trying to reach you should consider their habits and adapt your content to them. This means adapting your tone of voice, message and delivery to them — and be where your clients are.


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