What makes a team great?

This is a widely discussed topic and there is no ground rule that applies to all the different kinds of teams in different areas of expertise.

Despite the many and varied opinions on the topic, there are some guidelines you can follow that are extremely important in order to successfully hire or manage a team.

Different backgrounds

Different backgrounds mean different ways of looking at things. This is very useful for brainstorming processes, for example. People from different places with distinct life experiences tend to perceive things uniquely, which improves the overall team experience by retrieving various insights.

Different personalities and ways to work

There are all kinds of different personalities in a team that, most of the time, tend to influence the way people work. The truth is that both workers who want everything to be very strict and perfect and workers with a lot of ideas and a dynamic attitude are important to the team.

These different ways of working complement each other and strengthen the team. The Myers-Briggs is a very useful indicator when structuring teams.

Strong culture

The differences between team members must come together for a specific purpose. A strong business culture provides the team with a purpose so that it then works together towards a common goal.

Not every company has a relaxed environment and some workers do not feel attracted to this kind of practice. It is not easy but should be a priority to have a culture that suits different employees.

Good leadership

One of the most important elements to take into consideration is, without a doubt, good leadership and team guidance.

There is no need to go into the detail of how to be a good leader but there are some simple actions, such as planning with the whole team, listening to their problems, helping them find solutions and encouraging them, that are common characteristics of good leadership and help to maintain the team’s stability.

Problem solving

There will always be problems within a team, between members who have trouble coping with their differences and opposing opinions, or dealing with tight deadlines or even technical problems. What makes a good team is the capability to recognise these problems and quickly adapt and solve them.

There are many other significant characteristics that should be taken into consideration when hiring or trying to improve the overall performance of your team, but these are the things we believe to be the most important to building a great team, and that is something we know about, as we have a great team!

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