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Understanding your customer’s journey

September 23, 2019
As we’ve mentioned before, knowing your customers is very important. If you want to advertise online you should know who your potential client is, their habits, age, gender and even some personality traits. Only that way will you be able to craft the right message and place it in the right communication channels.
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Establishing our company culture

September 4, 2019
A few months ago I wrote about why we chose the startup life and why our team took the chance to work at a startup rather than at any other bigger company. At the time I was pretty new at advertio, having only been working there for a few weeks, but the teamwork and effort were already visible.
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Understanding the different generations

August 19, 2019
Earlier this week we shared a post on our social media on how Generation X spends more time on their smartphones than Millennials, which may be a surprise for many people. That is to say that people aged between 38 and 53 are spending more hours on their phones than those aged between 22 and 37.
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How to choose a good image for your social media ads

August 9, 2019
I’ve talked previously about how people are visual beings and how important it is to choose engaging photos or videos when posting online. We live in a world where everyone is online most of the time and the amount of content we’re exposed to is ever increasing, which makes it harder to separate the things we care about from the things we don’t.
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Welcome to the remote work era

July 26, 2019
Companies these days are more and more open to the possibility of remote work and some of them even take it into consideration when recruiting. As technology keeps evolving, it brings the world closer together and makes it possible to work for a company in a different city, country or even continent.
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