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Our experience on going from remote friendly to fully remote
May 28, 2020
Ever since the beginning, when Advertio was made up of just a handful of people, company culture and team member well-being have always been the two most important factors to our success.
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A/B Testing for Online Advertising
May 22, 2020
People like different things and have their own taste, making it challenging to create a product that pleases everyone — this is valid for your online ads as well.With so many different ad networks, formats and restrictions come different ways of creating ads and different decisions to make.
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How to select the best keywords for your ads.
May 8, 2020
Keywords are words or small phrases that search engines use to match your ads with what people are searching for when looking for a solution. When you create ads on Google or Bing, you should keep in mind what people are typing in the search bar when they search for a product or service similar to what you offer and use those keywords to help search engines find your ad, maybe even using them in your ad copy.
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